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A Roadmap To Territory Unknown

A Roadmap To Territory Unknown

Being located in the Glens of Scotland, we're used to using road maps to avoid getting lost in areas where sat nav and house numbers don’t always work. It's common to hear of mountain rescue volunteers heading to the hills to assist walkers without the right equipment. The walkers have the best intentions but their lack of preparation has dangerous consequences.

With the awaited news of the Government roadmap announcement tonight it kind of feels like that!

A road map suggests planning a route on a map to a territory unknown. No doubt the route ahead will be like any Scottish path, it may meander and be rocky in places with bogs and burns we will have to jump, but with diligent preparation we will trust the route and not get disorientated on the path, often easy to do if you view a shortcut! Rather than being guided by a compass this time it’s science navigating our road, but the destination is still unknown.

The idea of track and trace feels like a GPS, it works if you know how to use it. So if like us you have a hankering for the hills, let’s look forward to the view from the top. Our adventure awaits, and it'll be, as always, worth the climb!

Hip flasks ready, stay safe