Our Story


To some, a bothy is a refuge on the hills... an old stone building offering shelter when the clouds roll in or darkness looms. It’s a pause on a Highland journey, a sanctuary.  A place where travellers converge as kindred spirits, and hip flasks are passed around. A place of stories.

To others, in Scotland’s eastern lowlands, it’s a traditional home for farm workers. A source of comfort and warmth in days gone by, after a day of toil. A place for rest and reflection.To us at Gin Bothy, it’s all these things, and more. Our business was born into the bothy culture. Based in the Angus Glens of Scotland, we hold dear its values and traditions.

For us, it’s a way of life that resonates down the decades. One to prize, embrace and protect. Past generations in rural Scotland were proud guardians of the land, protectors of a unique heritage. In everything we do, we pledge to keep that connection strong. It’s why we use traditional methods of production: every bottle is numbered, batched and poured by hand. It’s why we source local produce: we use fresh Scottish berries, rhubarb and other ingredients for our fruit infused gins.

It’s why we’re often found in the great Scottish outdoors, gathering pine needles, heather and other botanicals for our products. And it’s why our team of local people is proud to be packaging and dispatching Gin Bothy products to customers around the world. Even the design of our Gin Bothy bottles – strong, solid, resolute – evokes the values of old.


‘Gin Bothy is all about reconnecting with our past. The principle of respect – for mountain, river and farm – is ingrained in our work and shines through in the products we’re proud to make. When I first launched Gin Bothy, it was about making the most of what the land had to offer. It was simple really: surplus fresh berry juice from my jam-making operation was not going to waste. I experimented, infusing gin with the fruit juice. The Gin Bothy was born. Today our gins are appreciated by customers who, as they first put bottle to glass, are sealing their own connection with the Scottish glens. We invite you to take a journey with us through the hills. And, every now and then, to take a pause and enjoy a taste that blends past and present; that echoes down the generations.’

Kim Cameron
Founder, Gin Bothy


‘For the bothy offers comfort aye, despite its draughty door 
An’ I know that in the future I’ll miss its flagstane floor
For nae matter whar ye wander an’ nae matter whar ye roam 
It’s the bothy days we lang for, those days o’ long ago’

Kim Cameron
Founder, Gin Bothy