Privacy Policy

Gin Bothy Ltd collects data in compliance with the GDPR update in force from May 2018.

We now ask that anyone wishing to receive information from Gin Bothy Ltd opt-in to email and mailing contact as opposed to previous opt-out boxes.

Each time consent is given for us to contact you through opt-in boxes we detail exactly what type of information will be sent and separate these consents from our Terms & Conditions.

We declare that only Gin Bothy Ltd will have access to the information given, and that only Gin Bothy Ltd will use the information given to contact you.

We will always remind you that you can withdraw consent for Gin Bothy Ltd to contact you at any time, and will ensure it is easy for you to withdraw consent.

What data do we collect;

We do not collect any personal payment information. No card details are collected by Gin Bothy Ltd through our website or on any handheld device used to collect payment.

We ask only for names and email addresses to be able to communicate with you, be this on a sign up sheet at an event, over the phone or through the website.

We do not collect any age details or birth dates from the age consent sign in on the front of our website.

Names and email addresses collected are held in a secure mailing list app.  At times names and addresses may be held in our private secured files purely to allow for mailing list management.  This information is password protected and not accessible by members of the public or any other business or employee outside of Gin Bothy Ltd.

All Gin Bothy Ltd employees have been made fully aware of their responsibilities to be compliant with GDPR and will treat all information received in the correct compliant manner.