Bothy Tales

Bothy Ship Captain, Peter Cameron 1931-2022

Bothy Ship Captain, Peter Cameron 1931-2022

As with so many family businesses there is someone in the background helping to steer the ship with constant support, we lost our ship`s captain on the 28th Dec 2022, that was my dad.

When I first started Gin Bothy he was rigging up pipes and siphons, helping me work through processes and production. He was ex-military so very operational and great at solving problems.

He was there whenever I needed an ear and I may not have agreed with his advice but he listened and helped navigate the early bumps.

Although in his 80s then, he had a can do attitude and made me just “think about it” before I jumped from one idea to the next.

His wisdom helped me focus and his guidance and challenging support let me grow.

He did deliveries, set up shows, questioned my rationale and was/is my inspiration.

His mantra of “you’re a Cameron just go for it” should be tattooed within our Bothy walls.

At 90 he was our voice over in our Rum For The Storyteller videos and his hands continue to be our favourite Rum Bothy image!

Without him I wouldn’t have learned bothy ballads or songs from the north east, known the stories he told me in Doric and the importance of being a guardian of the culture which has shaped our brand and values over the years.

His charismatic approach with customers and personal service I hope we can continue and make him proud of our adventures.

He inspired our guardian and story telling ranges and will be on my shoulder daily!

Because that’s what we all are, guardians of our stories, songs, secrets and recipes, hoping to support and nurture them for the next generation.

Slainte to Dads and the captains of family businesses.