Bothy Tales

Gorse Gathering with Gin Bothy, a new flavour in mind!

Gorse Gathering with Gin Bothy, a new flavour in mind!

As the days grew longer in May our hedgerows and paths turned brilliant yellow, as Scotland's long gorse season came to a peak, the start of our foraging!

Flowering near Bothy HQ in Kirriemuir we have an abundance of gorse bushes that take over embankments, hedges and agricultural farm land, creating a wild yellow fragrant landscape between late March and August.

The Gorse is a large spiky evergreen shrub covered in needle like leaves (gloves recommended when picking!) and has a distinct coconut smell which carries in the air as you pick it.  Harvest the flowers early, before the sun gets out as this ensures the natural oils are at their best.

Why forage gorse - eat the yellow flowers raw for a salad or cocktail garnish.

So as not to be confused with a very similar bush called "Whin" which is NOT edible, always remember that Gorse is prickly and Whin is smooth

Here at Gin Bothy gorse flower syrup is a natural flavouring for our gin, a subtle coconut smell and bitter almond taste - we love it! 

And we hope you do too, as just a subtle hint can be found in our brand new full strength gin - 37.5% Stirrup Cup, along with apple and ginger!