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Helen Dummett
A classic not to be over looked

Honestly it’s so hard when all the have come from here are amazing - I mean when you big brother is Gun Shot have you even got a chance . Well yes - because you can’t beat a classic beauty of a gin for me - all the botanicals of Scotland make this delicious gin stand out, stand proud. I love it as a go with dinner - the earthly botanicals complement the meal not overpowering it - and the piney taste is great with red meat. A crisp tonic and lots of ice, sprig of heather and you’ve got the perfect G&T to start your evening. Gun shot for by the fire - this is at my table the start of the night every time.

Pauline Clifton
Outstanding Experience and Gin!

Came across the Gin Bothy on our travels, total serendipity! The most friendly and unusual tour, so informative. The bothy information and presentation was excellent, and loved the singing! The gins are brilliant, very much appreciated the tasting experience, and nothing is too much trouble in terms of packing for gifts. My number 1 gin order!

Cathi Cowan
None better…!!!

My friend introduced me to gin Bothy, and it is extremely nice - there are flavours that other gin doesn’t have! Luckily I live in Scotland…!

Sue G
My favourite gin!

Bought some for the first time in Dec 2019 and everyone loves it.

Manuela Vogt
All around the world for the best taste

In 2017 I visited Edinburgh and had a wonderful walk on the Water of Leith, later we ended up in a pup on on a boat. This was the first time I drank Bothy Gin. I was nearly knocked down by the wonderful taste!! But, what a pity, I missed to buy a bottle of that astonishing beverage. And there was no possibility to buy it in Germany or to order it. In 2018, I visited a friend of mine in Colchester and we had a wonderful trip to Cornwall. But, wherever I tried to buy my Bothy Gin, I failed. I felt so sad, that my friend called her friend in Edinburgh and he sent a parcel to Colchester postal office, where I got my bottle of gin!!
In 2019 I travelled to York and I nearly had a heart attack, when I found a liquor store, where they sold BOTHY GIN. I was so lucky, that I nearly cried.
So, am I your greatest fan, or am I not? ;)
Unfortunately in this year my plans were crossed by Covid-19 I had to cancel my trip to Yorkshire...and the possibility to buy a new bottle of Bothy Original.

Kind regards from Germany