Bothy Tales

Introducing / Gunshot Gin

Join us on our journey throughout Scotland's estates where Gin Bothy merges one of Scotland's oldest drinks with one of Scotland's oldest sports.

It was it always is in the Bothy! I had lunch to prepare for the shooters at a local estate and was working on a new gin concoction. 

Gregor appeared, "Aye so what you working on today?"

 "Well," I replied, handing him a nip "this will really keep you warm on the hill..." he tried it and replied "Yip you've cracked it this time, that gives you an inner glow all right and its the colour of my bullets!" And so Gunshot Gin was born.


Gregor took the prototype on his next shoot, the next morning back with the bottle, empty, the conversation went like this..

" how much of this Gun shot gin can you make in the Bothy?"

I make a small batch of 38 bottles at a time. It's distilled locally and infused in our Bothy for up to 4 months. Hand-turned, hand-bottled & hand-labeled.


"Right. I'll take the next 38 bottles for next week and my guns want to know if you can export!"

A seal of approval indeed. 

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