Bothy Tales

A Very Merry Bothy Christmas / Gin Pairing

The big day is here! It's time to eat, drink and be merry.
We've all heard about wine pairing, the art of matching each stage of your meal with the perfect accompanying glass. At the Bothy however, we took the concept and swapped wine for something that excites us a bit more! We've developed a Gin Dining Guide, something we'll be making the most of during the festive season...

The classic prawn cocktail is the retro way to start off a Christmas dinner that will never go out of fashion. Our Chilli Gin pairs perfectly with any fish dish, bringing with it a bit of heat to get things started. At 20%, our Chilli Gin is ideal to sip away at, or mix with your favourite tonic water.

Main course
Typically this is where the glorious turkey should be served up. However, we've opted for venison this year. Our Blueberry Gin pairs perfectly with any red meat - as well as the all important trimmings!

Insert here anything that satisfies your sweet tooth. Pair it with a tall glass of prosecco or champagne, topped up with Gin Bothy's Raspberry or Rhubarb Gin. It is a celebration after all.

Cheese board
Our personal favourite part of the festive celebrations! A board full of different textures and flavours of cheese works best with our Amaretto Gin. We'll be sipping away on a measure over ice whilst we load up our crackers.

By the fire
Once we've moved on from the table, decided to do the washing up in the morning and collapsed into an armchair by the fire, we'll probably opt for a glass (or two) or our signature Mulled Gin, served neat or with a dash of ginger ale.

See, no wine needed!

From the whole Bothy Team, we wish you a very Merry gin fuelled Christmas and a Happy New Year!