Bothy Tales

Bothy Original

Bothy Original

Savoury.... not sweet!

As fruit infusion is what the Gin Bothy is known for I have entered into a new world today....using Scottish botanicals and traditional methods Gin Bothy original has been lovingly created in a 200 litre copper still nestled on a local farm in Angus.

Located minutes from the beautiful Glamis castle I gathered the botanicals we had from the gardens and banks of the glens and have created, I hope, a gin you will enjoy as a classic gin & tonic.

Using Scottish botanicals including heather (dried out) hawthorn berries, milk thistle (tricky to dry out!) pine needles (that was fun!) and fresh rosemary we created Bothy original in the still.

With the juniper left soaking overnight and the botanicals wrapped in muslin we infuse the old fashioned way within the still.

After 5 hours the gin is ready and each distillation gives us an average of 180 bottles.

At 41% abv it has top notes of juniper, citrus and rosemary middle and a pine finish, a smooth savoury gin, Delicious with tonic a slice of orange and a sprig of Rosemary or for a sweet option try with fever tree Mediterranean tonic.

We believe it's our best yet.

Let us know how your drinking it!


Kim x