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Love Gin, Love a tree!

 Pine needles, yes it all started with a hunt for Scottish pine needles and the image below.   Our Bothy Original uses pine needles as one of the fresh botanicals we use to distill gin,  fresh is best and we love the way you can almost imagine you're walking through a pine forest when you drink our gin! So when a Save Scotland’s Caledonian pine forest fundraising leaflet popped through my door at home from Woodlands trust I wanted to get involved. Arriving at Loch Arkaig in the Scottish Highlands, which I think is arguably one of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland, I was struck by the remoteness and colour of the landscape that is a picture postcard at...

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Men in a shed!

Now I've been asked to many a Burns night but never before in a shed at the bottom of a garden in the black of night with a group of men! Yes i know what you're thinking but this group of esteemed gentlemen had asked me to join their monthly gathering and tell them all about my gin. In this part of the world we have a Women`s Rural Institute (WRI) that have for years met in similar ways so I have called the meeting of men in their sheds the MRI...maybe the start of a new man craze. Anyway, arriving with my gin I was led down the garden path (literally!) and introduced to the most amazing garden shed...

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Bothy Original

Bothy Original Savoury.... not sweet! As fruit infusion is what the Gin Bothy is known for I have entered into a new world today....using Scottish botanicals and traditional methods Gin Bothy original has been lovingly created in a 200 litre copper still nestled on a local farm in Angus. Located minutes from the beautiful Glamis castle I gathered the botanicals we had from the gardens and banks of the glens and have created, I hope, a gin you will enjoy as a classic gin & tonic. Using Scottish botanicals including heather (dried out) hawthorn berries, milk thistle (tricky to dry out!) pine needles (that was fun!) and fresh rosemary we created Bothy original in the still. With the juniper left...

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A Bothy song in honour of
The Bard on Burns Night

Burns Night in Scotland can bring out the best in our love of Scots word, married with the fantastic annual Celtic Connection Festival in Glasgow, we can somehow feel connected with our past in dreich January! As a big fan of our folk music traditions, especially Bothy songs (obviously!), I would like to see a more widespread appreciation of the unique musical traditions we have here in rural Scotland.  Our culture and heritage is enviable worldwide, but if we don't hold onto and nurture it, it will be lost forever.  So having explained all year at our Gin tasting events what a Bothy is (it's a personal quest!) I thought I'd write my own Bothy Song to help tell the story of...

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