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Celebrating Our Celtic Connections

Celebrating Our Celtic Connections

Happy St Patrick's Day wherever you are! As with last year it will be very different we can still celebrate our Celtic connections.

A Celtic fusion for us brings the best of both worlds. Born in Northern Ireland to an Irish mother and Aberdonian father I already had a fusion family, both of whom loved music and alcohol, which at family gatherings was a normal event.

Moving back to Scotland and being brought up in the glens of Angus, coupled with working (as a grown up) throughout Southern Ireland and living in Dublin and Galway (and a stint in Digbeth in Irish Birmingham which is nearly more patriotic as it's filled with ex Irish!) and I consider myself a Celt.

I developed both a love for Irish and Scots song and tradition and have a passion for the Craic, good food and creating a session wherever it pops up.

There’s also nothing like living away from home to make you appreciate your home and Celtic comforts. The growth of Celtic Connections is proof of that and there are now as many people singing Bothy and traditional Scots song abroad as here!

So on St Patricks Day (and on Celtic rugby games!) when two cultures often become one in our house, I celebrate both. What better way to do it than with Irish Whiskey (yes the e makes it Irish), Scots Whisky and some Gin Bothy into the mix.

Sláinte mhaith to you all 🥃 - Kim