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Introducing Smoked Gin

Introducing Smoked Gin

Gin Bothy, one of Scotland’s most established drinks brands has today (Friday 3rd September) unveiled their most progressive product to date, Gin Bothy Smoked Gin, where tradition meets tradition as botanicals are smoked in a fisher smoke house in Arbroath.

250 bottles of this 1st edition smoked gin have been produced, the only smoked gin made in a protected designation of origin area, using a Smokie ‘bothy’,

Alex Spink and Sons have been making smokies in Arbroath since 1977. They worked with Gin Bothy Founder, Kim Cameron applying their traditional smoking techniques to juniper, orange peel, coriander and lemon which were then distilled, creating the Gin Bothy’s first smoked gin.

Based in Angus, Gin Bothy was founded in 2015 by drinks entrepreneur Kim Cameron. Using traditional methods of production every bottle is numbered, batched and poured by hand. Gin Bothy is now one of Scotland’s premium gin brands, producing 60,000 units in 2020.

Kim Cameron, Gin Bothy Founder, said: From croft to coast, from hillside to pier-side, the roots of the bothy heritage extend far and strong. Its spirit echoes along our shores and deep into our fishing communities, and so making a gin that is very much a love story between Scotland’s produce and the iconic bothy smokehouses felt like a very natural next step.

“The smoking of ingredients and products has long been part of Scottish culture.  The bothy smokehouses dotted along the North East coasts offer culinary secrets from recipes of old and it is here that we created our smoked gin.”

Gary Morrison-Lundie of Alex Spink and Sons said: “Smoking fish in the traditional method in a bothy smokehouse is one of the few traditional skillsets still being passed down the generations, using the same techniques and equipment as generations before us. Using that knowledge in new ways creates a connection with other parts of Scottish culture, keeping it alive and in our communities.”

Kim Cameron added: “Bringing together the bothy elements along with the best of Scotland’s produce, preserves not just the product, but also the past and it chimes perfectly with our values. We want to safeguard and celebrate traditions that have been passed down the generations and sit at the heart of the unique identity that Scots have protected and carried abroad for so long.”

Full strength, rich in flavour, Gin Bothy Smoked Gin is 100% natural and sugar free and is classed as a London dry smoked gin, with a burnt orange deep citrus forward with the smokiness following.

Served with a light tonic and a slice of orange it is the perfect companion to Scottish smoked salmon and smoked game charcuterie.

Gin Bothy Smoked Gin is available online and from The Bothy Experience in Glamis.