Bothy Tales

Men in a shed!

Now I've been asked to many a Burns night but never before in a shed at the bottom of a garden in the black of night with a group of men! Yes i know what you're thinking but this group of esteemed gentlemen had asked me to join their monthly gathering and tell them all about my gin.
In this part of the world we have a Women`s Rural Institute (WRI) that have for years met in similar ways so I have called the meeting of men in their sheds the MRI...maybe the start of a new man craze.
Anyway, arriving with my gin I was led down the garden path (literally!) and introduced to the most amazing garden shed I've ever see - heated and made of oak this shed was as glamorous as any cabin I've stayed in.  The men gather monthly and discuss "manly things" and bring news of travels and food and drink from across the world, an educated retired bunch of professionals that have a wealth of knowledge.
The Shed stories tonight were of Gin Bothy`s journey and the sampling of the concoctions I'm currently working on.
As the night wore on and 5 gins later they were comfortably easing into the world of the Bothy and my passion for creating taste experiences and as it was Burns night i shared the Bothy song i wrote as a toast to the evening in the shed.

On reflection...Life in the Bothy may have been hard and the Loons used alcohol and music to make life a little better, it seemed in the shed that even with today`s luxuries life hasn't really changed that much and these Bothy grown up loons were doing the same!

Good Music, Good Company and Good Gin, with a bit of the Bards poetry thrown in now what more do you need on Burns night!