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Loin or fillet of venison with plums and Gin Bothy Gunshot gin by Christopher Trotter



This is a very simple recipe and Great for any kind of game such as pigeon or pheasant, but I think it works best with venison. Either the loin or the tender fillets which will feed four people ( just!)


2 fillets of venison or a 300g  piece of loin

Cold pressed rape seed oil

A little butter

Salt and pepper

6 plums or two apples

2 tsp Redcurrant jelly

Tblsp Gin Bothy gun shot gin


Heat a frying pan and when hot add a little oil, pat dry the venison with kitchen paper and season lightly with salt and pepper. Place firmly in the hot pan and brown all over, takes a minute or two. Lower heat and add the butter, this adds flavour to the meat, cook for a few minutes, remove from the pan and keep warm.

Cut the plums in two and remove the stone and place in the pan to colour lightly, stir in the jelly and a little water or stock, simmer until the jelly melts and a light sauce created, add the gin bring back to a simmer and serve. You can slice the meat before placing on plates and then spoon the sauce over or place in a serving dish. If using apples use lovely red skinned dessert ones cut them in quarters, remove the pips and cut each piece in half and carry on as for the plums, I love to leave the skins on



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